Protect your Skin with Pre-Holi Skincare Tips

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Holi is a joyful and thrilling festival filled with colours. The sweets, the colours, and the water, of course, is what makes Holi so exciting. The colours, yeah, these are vibrant and fun to play with but have you ever given thought to what they do to your skin? What kind of chemicals do they contain?

In traditional days, it was celebrated with herbal gulal that did not harm the skin in any manner. But in this modern time, colours are filled with harmful toxins that are surely not great for the skin. It is said by experts that some Holi colours contain heavy metals. You should use herbal and natural colours. But it is not always possible to protect the skin from the colours that contain chemicals.

  • Holi colours lead to skin problems such as redness, irritation, and acne.
  • Causes skin rashes, burning sensations, and infections.
  • Some colours can cause skin cancer.
  • Holi colours contain glass pieces as well which can lead to some serious skin issues.

So, there are some precautionary measures that you should take to protect your skin from these harsh and skin-damaging colours.

Here are 10 ways to Protect your Skin with Pre-Holi Skincare Tips

Protect your Skin with Pre-Holi Skincare Tips
  1. Moisturise your skin: Apply moisturiser on your skin before stepping out to play Holi. This will create a barrier between your skin and holi colours to harm your skin. You can apply Astaberry Indulge Vitamin C Moisturiser for this purpose.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated: Drinking water does no harm. So, why not drink it enough to keep yourself hydrated? Also, drinking lots of water will keep your skin hydrated as well. You can use face serum such as Acai Berry Face Serum as it will maintain the hydration on the face, hence, guarding it against any kind of skin damage.
  3. Apply lots of oil: Oil your body and your hair precisely so that when you play with Holi colours they don’t stay on your skin and on your scalp. Also, dry hair absorbs colours more easily. Apply a live-in conditioner at the hair ends to protect them from damage. It is suggested to massage your hair and body with coconut or almond oil.
  4. Say yes to sunscreen: Holi is a festival that is played outdoors in an open area. That is why it gets very essential to protect the skin against UV sun rays because once the skin gets tanned it gets really difficult to bring back your natural skin colour. Vitamin C SPF Day Creme is perfect to guard your skin against the sun. Put on sunscreen after massaging your body with oil.
  5. Apply ice cubes: Before starting playing Holi, apply a lot of ice cubes on your skin as they will close the open pores. Therefore, the colours will not be able to enter your skin and cause any kind of damage to it. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  6. Remove the makeup: It is highly possible that while playing Holi, the colours will get blended with the makeup. Therefore, this blend can cause some serious skin damage. That is why, clean your face with a toner such as Acai Berry Facial Toner as it will deeply clean the makeup and you are all set to step out of the house.
  7. Don’t neglect your lips: Lips are the one body part that is not paid much attention while Holi skincare. Lips, being the most sensitive body part needs the most care. Apply a layer of nourishing lip balm on them. This will protect the lips from any breakouts.
  8. Take care of your hair: It is advised not to keep your hair untied while playing Holi. Make a braid or wear a bandana so that the hairfall doesn’t happen and they can be protected from Holi colours.
  9. Avoid skin exfoliation: It is highly advised to avoid any kind of chemical treatments on the body including hair or skin exfoliation before the week of Holi. This can make your skin more prone to getting affected by Holi colours.
  10. Put on protective clothes: Being cautious only about the face is not enough. The skin under your clothes is also very important and is be to protected from the colours. So, wear full-sleeved and full-length outfits so that they stay covered and don’t get harmed by Holi colours.

So, these are some pre-Holi skincare tips that you should certainly take into consideration to protect the skin from any kind of damage from Holi colours. You can also do changes in your diet and include food products that contain Vitamin C. But then again, it's Holi! Do not take too much stress and follow these skincare tips to guard the skin against colours and enjoy Holi to the fullest.