Essential Guide for Healthy and Glowing Skin After Holi

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Post-Holi Skincare Routine


Holi, it's finally here! With all the colorful and positive vibes, we all celebrate it with complete zeal and enthusiasm. In earlier days, it was celebrated with herbal gulal that used to have no chemicals in it. But in today’s world, they are loaded with harmful chemicals. While enjoying Holi we forget that there is something that is really delicate and needs attention to the fullest. Our skin! Yes, you guessed it right. Our skin is the most delicate part of our body that if not taken care of rightly can get damaged.  

Holi is a festival that is played out in the open. The heat of the sun, the dust particles and of course the holi colours, all harm the skin. The colour gets stuck in our hair and all over the body making the skin all rough and flaky. And if not given the required care this can lead to some serious long-term skin effects.

Here are some Post-Holi tips that you should take into consideration to heal your skin from all the holi colours that are definitely not chemical-free. 

Here are some essential post-Holi skincare tips for skin that you can follow:

  1. Cleansing the face: 

    The first that you need to do is remove the colour from the body and especially the face because it is the most exposed part of the body. So, use a cleanser that is not harsh on the face. Asataberry Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Foaming Face Wash is suitable for all skin types. It contains ingredients such as bakuchiol and acai berries which are purely natural. 
  2. Use cold water:

    Hot water will not do any good to your coloured skin. Always use cold water to remove the colour from your hair, face, and body. It will thoroughly clean the colour without harming the body and hair. 
  3. Do not Exfoliate:

    Avoid exfoliating your skin after you are done playing Holi. It will further make the skin rougher ultimately damaging it. Avoid scrubbing your body for at least a week from Holi. After that, you can exfoliate your skin or do the scrubbing. 
  4. Moisturization:

    After the cleansing process, apply moisturiser in a generous amount. Put it all over your body and keep massaging it until it gets absorbed into the skin. This will prevent the skin from getting any drier. Use Astaberry Vitamin C Moisturiser as it deeply moisturises the skin. 
  5. Apply face pack:

    Apply a homemade face mask that contains milk, honey, rose water, turmeric extract, and gram flour as these all are natural ingredients. Put it on the face and neck also. Do not forget to protect your eyes while applying the pack. This face pack will clean the left impurities on your skin and will give a healthy and radiating glow. 
  6. Hydrate yourself:

    It is very necessary to hydrate your body after you are done playing Holi. Take plenty of fluids so that all the toxins flush out of your body. Also, you can hydrate your skin with serums or body oil. You should prefer Astaberry Indulge Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Face Serum for this purpose as it is made with natural ingredients. 
  7. Use hair mask:

    Holi colours make hair rough and flaky which ultimately damages them. So, make sure that you apply some homemade hair mask that contains oil, curd, and other healing products that are beneficial for hair. Use hair serums as well. 
  8. Treat the sunburns:

    It is no surprise that after playing Holi under the sun for such a long time your skin will get affected by the sun rays and will end up having sunburns. Treat them by rubbing ice on them and applying some kind of herbal ointment after consulting the doctor. Make sure not to rub the ice directly on the skin. Cover it in a thin piece of cloth. This will shrink your pores and give you smooth skin. 
  9. Say No to salons:

    Avoid going to the salon for at least a week after Holi because your skin becomes vulnerable to infections and cuts. So, do not go to salons or wear makeup as the products contain chemicals. After a week, you can start wearing light makeup. 
  10. Sleeping gel mask:

    It is a good move to treat your skin with a sleeping gel mask as it will nourish and hydrate your skin overnight and you will wake up with glowing skin in the morning. Astaberry Acai Berry Sleeping Gel Mask is an ideal choice for this purpose. 


Therefore, follow these post-holi tips to heal your skin from all the chemical-ingrained holi colours. It is suggested to use organic gulal and flowers to play Holi. This won’t even affect your skin and you can play Holi carefree!