Benefits of a Face Scrub: How & Why to Use it?

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Benefits of using a face scrub: We have all seen celebrities, beauty bloggers, and social media influencers donning beautiful skin on the screen and wondered how they have such great skin. Well, of course, they have professional makeup on, great lighting conditions, and amazing editing done to all of their pictures & videos, but along with it, they have a very good skincare routine to look beautiful naturally in real life without the perfect on-screen advantages. You too can achieve that naturally beautiful skin if you follow a good skincare routine.
Your skincare routine can be as basic as a simple CTM (cleansing, toning & moisturising) or a full-blown 10-step skincare routine. There is one very important step that we often forget to incorporate in our skincare routine and it is a face scrub. In this blog, you are about to learn all about face scrubs and their importance in a skincare routine.

What is a face scrub and its purpose?

We have all heard about face scrubs but what are those? Face scrubs are products available in the market that help you to exfoliate your skin with the help of tiny gritty particles or beads or chemicals. It has a nourishing cream or gel base that helps the product go deep into the skin while allowing us to massage it easily. The purpose of face scrubs is to get rid of dead skin cells and encourage new skin cells to form. It also unclogs the pores which enables other skincare products to penetrate deep into the skin.

Benefits of using a face scrub

There are many benefits of face scrub. Some of them are as follows:

1. Removes Dead skin cells: It is said that more than 90% of the cells of our body are replaced with new ones within a period of just 365 days. Our skin cells die too and new skin cells replace the old ones. This is a cycle that helps us to have healthy skin and body. A face scrub helps to remove dead skin cells from our skin so that new skin can take its place. This process is known as exfoliation which helps us to have soft and supple skin. You can find various face scrubs for glowing skin in the market.
2. Unclogs skin pores: Our skin naturally produces sebum, a type of oil that helps keep our skin moisturised. Often sebum production increases either due to weather conditions, environmental conditions, or physical conditions and gets accumulated in the pores of our skin. This sebum attracts dirt and pollution from the environment. Due to this, the pores get clogged which gives rise to acne. Exfoliating the skin with a face scrub for sensitive skin will help to unclog the pores, keep them clean and prevent acne.
Volcanic Ash Face Scrub
3. Reduces acne scars: Facial scrubs aid in the process of skin resurfacing process in our body. Exfoliating the skin with a scrub helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars and dark patches on our skin. One of the best face scrubs for oily skin on the market right now is the Volcanic Ash Face Scrub for Dark Spots and Pigmentation by Astaberry. It helps to reduce acne marks and dark patches on our skin.
4. Brightens the skin: Face scrub also helps to get rid of dull and tired-looking skin. Proper exfoliation with the right products can help you achieve your desired skin conditions easily. There are various products in the market that can help you to have bright and glowing skin such as Rice Exfoliating Face Scrub for Bright Skin by Astaberry. It has natural brightening ingredients that are good for the skin.
5. Prevents ingrown hair: Ingrown hair can be very frustrating as they often end up in pimple outbreaks. It is painful and sometimes can get infected too. Proper skin exfoliation with the help of a good face scrub can prevent ingrown hair from appearing and make you look beautiful.
6. Provides smoother skin texture: The skin of our face is one of the most affected parts of our body due to harsh environmental conditions such as harmful sun rays, pollution, and unfavourable climatic condition. Face scrubs like Astaberry’s Coffee Exfoliating Face Scrub which is a face scrub for all skin types will help you to achieve smoother, softer, and glowing skin while improving the texture of the skin by helping in the resurfacing process of new skin cells.
7. Better absorption of skincare products: The sebum produced by our skin, dead skin, dirt & grim from our surroundings and the products that we apply start to get accumulated in the pores of our skin. The build-up causes bumpy skin texture and clogs our pores. When we apply skincare products on top of the clogged pores, it prevents the products to penetrate into our skin and due to this, the products do not perform well on our skin. A face scrub helps to unclog these pores and helps the skincare to get absorbed by the skin better and provide better results.

How to use a face scrub?

It is very easy to exfoliate your skin with the help of a face scrub. Following are the steps on how to use a face scrub on your face.
Step-1: Clean your face using a gentle cleanser that does not dry out your skin.
Step-2: Take a coin size amount of face scrub on your palm.
Step-3: Spread it across your damp face.
Step-4: Massage very gently for 5 minutes using just the tips of your fingers.
Step-5: Wash your face with water.
Step-6: Put a nourishing moisturiser on your face or follow your regular skincare routine.

How to choose the best face scrub for your skin?

There are numerous face scrubs on the market these days. You must look for face scrubs that use natural ingredients in their products and which suit your skin concerns the most. You will find some of the best face scrubs in India by Astaberry as they have specific face scrubs made for different skin concerns using natural ingredients.
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