7 Monsoon Skincare Essentials for Beautiful Skin

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The monsoon season is finally here and it’s a great relief from the scorching tropical summer heat and the enervating sweaty days. Rain brings a lot of joy and this season feels very pleasant, however, the rise in humidity in the atmosphere may cause our skin to face many challenges. In this blog, you will learn more about the challenges our skin faces during the monsoon season and how to take proper care of our skin.

Challenges that our skin faces during monsoon

  1. Excess sebum production- The rise in humidity gives rise to excess sebum production in our skin which may lead to clogged pores that cause seasonal acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Along with this, the skin feels constantly oily and looks tired.
  2. Rainwater exposure- Rainwater is mildly acidic and contains a lot of bacteria, dust particles, microbes, and sometimes chemicals from the polluted environment that we live in. When rainwater comes in contact with our skin, it disrupts the pH level and causes various skin issues like skin irritation, itchiness, allergies, dry patches, etc.
  3. Fungal infections- The damp weather conditions may cause an increased amount of sweating, stickiness, prolonged skin exposure to sweaty wet clothes, and sweat-trapped skin folds. This makes an ideal environment for bacterial and fungal growth in our skin. If not taken care of properly, it may cause nasty skin infections such as ringworm or fungal acne.
  4. Dehydrated skin- During this season, the cool weather may trick us into not hydrating ourselves very often. A lot of the stored water flushes out of the body when we sweat and since we don’t hydrate ourselves enough, our body gets dehydrated quickly. Our skin is affected the most in such conditions. We may see tiny bumps all over our faces, a lack of luster, and very dull-looking skin.
  5. Skin damage due to pollution- Though we see the dust settling because of the rain, the main pollution starts when the rain stops pouring and the earth starts to dry. The pollutants get trapped in the water pockets or moisture present in the air that settles on our skin. It affects our skin adversely by clogging our pores which may lead to acne, rashes, skin irritation, and dullness.

Skincare steps to follow during the monsoon season

Following are the essential skin care steps that can help our skin to cope with all the challenges that our skin faces during this time of the year.


Our skin secretes an excessive amount of sebum during this season. This excessive oil traps pollutants from the atmosphere that lead to clogged pores and skin irritation. Cleansing our face with a gentle face wash two to three times a day helps to keep our skin free of oil and dirt. You can select a facewash that deeply cleans your face such as Astaberry Indulge Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash which works both as a face wash and a face scrub.


It is the process of exfoliation where tiny little particles or beads help to remove dead skin cells that get accumulated on the skin and unclog the pores to keep the pesky acne or breakouts at bay. However, you must use a face scrub just once or twice a week as over-exfoliation can cause more harm than help. Some gentle yet very effective scrubs by Astaberry Indulge in the market do the job very well.


 A toner helps to shrink the size of the pore of our skin which aids in controlling excess sebum secretion that happens during the humid monsoon. This also helps to check acne and other problems like blackheads and whiteheads that are the outcomes of oily and greasy skin. You can check out Astaberry Indulge Vitamin C Face Clarifying Toner which works very well for the monsoon season.


The right serum will help to rejuvenate your skin during the monsoon season when your skin loses its luster and look dull. A serum like Astaberry Indulge Vitamin C Face Serum can penetrate deep into the skin and bring a fresh-looking youthful glow to your skin with regular use. But remember to always top it off with sunscreen at the end of the skincare routine during the day to protect your skin from the sun.


Moisturizing is the step that helps to bring all hydration back to your skin. A light moisturizer like the Astaberry Indulge Vitamin C 5% Face Moisturizer meant for oily and acne-prone skin provides just the right amount of hydration required for your skin during this humid rainy season.


We may think that the weather is cloudy and so we don’t need sunscreen but it’s quite the opposite. The harmful rays from the sun seeps in through clouds and we need sunscreen to prevent those rays from damaging our skin. You can use sunscreens by Astaberry Indulge to protect your skin when you step out or a light day cream with an SPF 25 like the Astaberry Indulge Vitamin C Aqua Day Cream SPF 25 when you plan to stay indoors.

Night mask

When you sleep, your skin stays relaxed which helps the night mask work its best throughout the night to leave you with bright, and radiant-looking skin in the morning. You can check out Astaberry Indulge Vitamin C Sleeping Gel Mask which is an ideal night mask for the monsoon season.

As you know by now, monsoon comes with its own share of challenges, but this does not mean you cannot cherish all the bliss of this season. Do everything you want to do to embrace the season with your arms open and let your skin face only the joys and not the challenges by incorporating this highly effective skincare regime in your day-to-day life.