When will I be eligible to exchange the product?

We do request that you give our products a fair trial. When it comes to skincare, results are rarely instantaneous, specially if your skin has been unhappy for a while. We recommend using our products for at least one full skin life-cycle, which typically spans 28 days. So, follow the provided product instructions,
exercise patience, and maintain consistency.

If, after a proper trial, you believe our products haven't made a difference to your skin. You will be eligible to exchange the product.

What is the procedure for exchanging the Product?

please send us an email at with the subject line -Exchange the product request or call us at 1800-572-8100, Provide the order number and return the products to us. & we will initiate the process in 48-72 hours.

In How many days can I expect to receive a revert from you?

We will try to get back to you within 24-48 hours on the next steps. If there is a weekend/ public holiday, revert can take up to 4 days.

In how many days can I expect the product exchange?

Once the process is complete, please expect to exchange the product within 5-7 working days.

Can I exchange my product with any other product on the website?

Yes, you can exchange your product with any other product but both the product price should be the same.

Can I claim a exchange If I buy your products from a marketplace?

At the moment, the offer is only valid for purchases made through our website.

Can I request a refund for a Free Product?

At the moment, free products are not eligible under this offer.

Till When can we avail Exchange-Offer?

There is no specific decided date to discontinue the program, we want all our users to shop our products confidently. Though Astaberry Indulge reserves the right to cease the campaign at any time without any prior notice. 

If a conflict arises, how will it be handled?

We will try our best from our end to resolve all concerns. In case of a conflict, the final decision lies with Astaberry Indulge.